MSc Finance - Treasury Management

Treasury Management

Lecturer: Andrew Marshall

Contact Hours: 18
Assessment: 30% assignment, 70% final exam

Class Aims

Treasury management has never been more important for companies, whether large or small. The purpose of this class is to provide an overview of treasury management and we will discover how to reduce exposure to currency and interest rate movements. We will use real data from the Financial Times to illustrate derivative hedging strategies. A significant emphasis will be placed on techniques employed in the solution of practical problems, though not to the exclusion of theory.

"Risk comes from not knowing what you`re doing." Warren Buffett 1930-, American Investment Entrepreneur
Professor Andrew marshall Andrew Marshall joined the department in 1991 after a spell in industry with KPMG. Teaching interests include risk management, derivatives, corporate finance and international finance. His research is focused on risk management, insider trading derivatives and international finance.

Most important financial risk management functions

Learning Outcomes